About iPustak

Sonic Octaves Pvt. Ltd.

Sonic Octaves is one of the leading producers of Audio Books in India. Founded in 2009, Sonic Octaves has world class infrastructure and a very highly qualified team. With superior quality end to end services Sonic Octaves helps writers, authors and publishers to record and publish their audio books in most efficient and cost effective way. Sonic Octaves marks its presence on all leading audiobooks selling portals in India and abroad with their smart marketing and promotional strategies.


iPustak, a initiative by Sonic Octaves Pvt. Ltd. provides end to end service to writers, authors and publishers to record, release and market their audio books globally. Our vision is to create business opportunities for narrators, authors and publishers by publishing their content digitally and delivering it to their consumers in most efficient way.

Future Of Audiobooks

The ongoing digital revolution around the World, has changed the way music, movie and publishing industries grow and have forced them to re-rasterize their business models. Audio books are making their headway in the conventional book publishing industry and are clearly emerging a surprise winner. According to a business statistic, audio books are the fastest growing format in the book publishing industry. The sales of audio books are growing rapidly and are expected to grow exponentially over a period of next 5 years. Today smart phones are becoming important part of livelihoods and even consumers are exploiting the potential of smart phones to make their life easier. For a multitasking individual, audio books are easy replacement and an obvious choice over physical books. Books fitting just in pockets help the reader to carry it everywhere and listen to it and make best use of their time. According to the current trend consumption of audio books is increasing by more than 30% every year. Consumers are very much happy and comfortable in downloading audio books on their smart phones. More and more publishers are coming out with audio books helping them to position themselves in a global market and reach out to fans across the globe.

Pillars Of Our Existance


Rajendra is Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science from University of Mumbai,India. Rajendra has technology and management background having worked with one of the big five consulting firms for 15 years. He has rose through ranks starting with background in hardcore technology development and programming.


Mayank is Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Computer Science from University of Mumbai,India. Mayank was a key contributor in founding Sonic Softech. With strong skills in operations management, product life-cycle management and programming, Mayank brings in the strong foundation for the operations of the organization.