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If you are a publisher/Author  who is looking to record and market his audio books and expand his business than you have come to a right place.Produce and Market your Audio books in most cost effective way.

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Recording Packages

1-10 Books*
11-25 Books*
25+ Books*
Recording Studio Cost
INR 100/page
 INR 75/page
 INR 50/page
Reader/VO Artiste Cost
At actuals
At actuals
At actuals

*1 Book = 100 pages
Get Silver Sales and Marketing Package free with every book recorded at iPustak recording studio.

For Bulk audio book projects get in touch with our audiobook publishing experts.
Mr. Rajendra Vaishampayan – (+91) 9323227277
Mr. Mayank Parmar – (+91) 9773531539

Sales and Marketing Packages

Features Bronze(Free) Silver(INR 5000 + GST) Gold(INR 10000+GST) Platinum(INR 15000+GST)
Royalty 30% 50% 60% 80%
iPustak App (Android & iOS)
Sale of Physical Audiobooks on Amazon, Snapdeal, iPustak store etc.
Sale on digital platforms (eg. Google Books, itunes, audible, Spotify, Saavn, Wynk)
iPustak Youtube channel
Advertisements in Prominent Newspapers
Paid Social Media Promotion
Banner Ads on iPustak App
Ads in email flyers and Magazine
Free Digital Copies 50 100 200
Social Media Kit (Facebook Cover photo, Facebook Poster, Instagram Poster, Whatsapp Poster, Whatsapp scripted post)

For more information and queries talk to our audio book experts.
Mr. Rajendra Vaishampayan – (+91) 9323227277
Mr. Mayank Parmar – (+91) 9773531539